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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ceanothus inspires poetry - catch all the taxa puns?

Betsy Cory, long-time CNPS member was inspired by our recent post to write this:

O lovely Ceanothus, how your blooms inspire me,
In pristine white and glowing blue you bloom most gracefully.

But seventeen taxa, really!  That for me’s too great a strain.
I’m a gardener, not a botanist, and it taxes my brain

Call a taxi, hail a tugboat, bring a gurney out for me
For I must leave before suffering a nerve cataxtrophe.

One taxon I can handle, maybe two or even three.
But attacks-on my memory won’t help me learn much botany.

I’ll just look upon the landscape, at all the taxa I don’t know.
But of this I’m sure, all native plants are fantaxtic to grow! 

Betsy put some nice puns in there - did you find them all? Post comments with your count of how many....

1 comment:

  1. Betsy wanted me to comment for her: "Frank L., Dave F., and many others could have produced stacks-on stacks of better poems, if they weren't too busy doing actual botany and CNPS chores!"