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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Did you know about this seed source?

image courtesy seedhunt.com
Our buddies up in No Cal sent along some new info. Karen Paulsell from the Friends of Sausal Creek, wrote: "At our fall plant sale, the FOSC nursery offers our own locally-collected natives, and a small variety of other California natives from seed we purchase. 'Til now, our sources have been Larners, Theodore Payne -- and the seeds from the Tilden Botanical Garden.  But this year, I found one more site, seedhunt.com.

I ordered online on Saturday, got a note on Sunday saying they'd ship on Monday, and got the seeds on Tuesday, can't be much quicker than that!   With a bonus pack of Ca poppies, the "coastal form", yellow w. orange centers.

Packets are $3.50, with enough seed in most to last us 3 or 4 years, small as we are.  Great to find the site, I'll be back!

Bracey Tiede then sent out this supporting message, "Owned by Ginny Hunt, Seedhunt.com is a source of many incredible plants in seed form - lots of them are natives."

So, it is a new resource to me and I intend to try them out.

By the way, it may be too late in the year to buy seeds and sow them, here in So Cal where weather projections say there isn't much more rain coming.

But I am running an experiment in my garden. I cleared out part of a remaining patch of dreaded iceplant on one of my cliff bottoms. I left the dead undergrowth as "mulch" and sowed a bunch of seeds and watered them in really well. I have continued to water this patch every couple of days to speed up germination. And I am getting some seedlings!

This is all experimental - so I'll keep reporting on it. I think I may be artificially speeding up the cycle and it may not work...who knows?

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