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Monday, May 6, 2013

For Rent...a good native plant person opportunity

Carrie Schneider forwarded this -


My artist friend and roommate recently moved out and I'm looking for a new roommate. I'm renting out the top floor of my 2 story house with very large master bedroom (15 x 19 feet), sitting loft area and bathroom with tub, shower and toilet plus sharing the kitchen. I have a huge yard at the bottom of a long driveway which is 1 1/2 acres full of native plants, fruit and nut trees, cactus and agave gardens, herbs and tropical trees. The house is 10 minutes from downtown off highway 94 just  west of Lemon Grove. I-15 and 805 and 125 are all very close.  I am an herbalist by profession and I"m pretty mellow. I'm looking for someone who is fairly quiet, and mature, although age doesn't matter. Either a male or female roommate would be fine. Someone who likes camping and is earthy would really like this place. If you are interested in nature, plants, wildlife, herbs, or biology you would really enjoy living here. It is an unusual house and setting.
There is plenty of room to plant a vegetable garden if you are interested or herbs, etc... The house is a rustic setting kinda like a cabin and we have a lot of wildlife - birds, rabbits, hawks, owls, woodpeckers, coyotes, ground squirrels... It is almost like a little nature sanctuary down here in this peaceful canyon. I have an elderly dog I used to hike with and an orange male tabby cat. One mellow dog who likes cats would be welcome but no cats. Part of the yard is fenced for the pets. I'm asking $700 plus $75 utilities, but if someone wants to help me around the yard 8 hours a month with mulching, weeding, watering and trimming plants & trees,  it would only be $600 a month plus $75 utilities. I have cox cable basic t.v. and internet but would be willing to split an upgrade with a roommate. I'm doing a lot of work on the house currently and it will be available July 1st. Thanks for letting people know who might be interested. Have them call me - Susan Branch 619-517-2954 or
email me at suebbranch@cox.net

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