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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Last Night's Meeting

Arne Johanson, Will Johnson, Sue Marchetti discussing Fall Workshop (Symposium - what SHALL we call it?)

Dave Flietner shows progress on the Sunset Cliffs Linear Park to Greg Rubin and Arne Johanson

Susan Krzywicki contemplates the increasing number of volunteer hours while Lee Gordon, Dave Flietner and Greg Rubin talk about projects
We had another great meeting last night - our gracious host, Hei-Och Kim showed off her lovely new native front garden and her productive back vegetable garden. It was warm and it was a nice dusky time of day as we arrived. We sat on her patio and ate vegetarian chili (she says the secret is mole sauce - I thought it was stellar) and talked about upcoming projects and ideas:

San Diego Native Garden Tour - we are working to group gardens together to make it easier for attendees to take in several gardens in one short stretch. It is complicated in a county as large as San Diego!

Fall Symposium - shall we call it a workshop? We batted around ideas about naming it, our target audience and topics. Gosh, we have lots of rich content and great speakers.

Peter St. Clair (in absentia) suggested we work on some sort of app for public garden access. This struck a chord and Steve Miller started to tell us that Quick Response (QR) codes - those funny symbols that started as supermarket scanner icons - would be the perfect vehicle. Greg Rubin suggested we build on Las Pilitas's encyclopedic site and we are now starting to think about how to accomplish this. It is a long-term project and I look forward to lots of involvement from the gardening community.

Those are just some of the highlights. I'll post info on the next meeting in the newsletter and here, once we get the details set.

Thanks to Lee Gordon for joining us - his first time! Attendees: Pete di Girolamo, Dave Flietner, Arne Johanson, Will Johnson, Hei-Ock Kim, Susan Krzywicki, Susan Lewitt, Sue Marchetti, Steve Miller, and Greg Rubin. Lucy Warren tried to make it after working a very long day as Garden Program Head Honcho at the fair...and a few more people were absent but there in spirit.

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