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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

An interesting quote...

I read this at a Linked-In site. It was posted by Tim Brown who is the CEO at IDEO:

Gardening helps us frame future design challenges
The old assembly-line metaphors of the Industrial Revolution won’t help us design the future. Our world is complex. Like a garden, we must tend it, cultivate it, steward it, and encourage it to meet our needs instead of always trying to be in control of it. Our solutions must accommodate the competing needs of humans and the rest of nature. Successful design, like successful gardening, is never finished and is constantly changing.

He was making the point that we could all take lessons from the gardening world. And I agree. Some of the most interesting ideas I've had, I created based on gardening metaphors: ideas about patience, how to plan a project, and, of course: Love.

Have fun today!

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