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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rain and requests to not water

We are having a normal entry into our rainy season - here it is November, and we are into our first rainstorm. A mild one, seemingly.

The San Diego Union-Tribune published an article today, asking us to voluntarily cut water use. Some people would say: But it's raining!

Yes it's raining today, and it will continue to rain in approximately ten day cycles, if we are on track with our usual patterns. Then, in May, the rains will stop. And that is why we are asking people to pay attention to conservation now.

"Key California reservoirs measured an average of 63 percent full..." and here is a picture from San Vicente Reservoir:

For those of you more data-oriented:

If you'd like to calculate  the right amount of water to give your landscape or garden - try this tool:
Water Calculator

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