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Monday, November 5, 2012

Water Issues

Don Wood, who has been interested in water topics for years, recently sent this link:

Cadiz Water Project suit filed

Native plants and water issues are connected - backwards and forwards, so any information about what our water authorities are planning is of interest to those who wish to protect native plants and garden with them.

First: often people get introduced to native plant gardening because of the water-savings potential. It's about the money. Tracking what will happen with future rates means we can track a certain amount of the attention to native horticulture: when people feel rates are going higher at a rate that skips above inflation, then notice goes up.

Even if the inquisitiveness is not purely monetary, then the overall conservation message resonates. We have a strong affinity for a way of gardening that is in line with the natural resources, so we care about water use, in general.

And there are some powerful forces at work: desalinization (a battle about how projects are financially structured s well as about the science), endangered species and the Delta, sourcing water from new places, converting agriculture to domestic use.

For these and other reasons, we'll bring you more information about water as we see, investigate and learn about water in Southern California.

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