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Monday, December 10, 2012

Growing a Tecate Cypress in a pot

I love Tecate Cypress trees. Cupressus forbesii. Beautiful scent. Beautiful shape. Fast-growing. Architectural. Fits so many situations and conditions.

And I am growing a bunch of them in pots. I have about a dozen in pots ranging from clay to glazed ceramic. The Cupressus plants are about eighteen months old and came from a batch I bought from a restoration effort overstock at the University of Idaho.

To get some height into a formal layout in my back garden, I put four Cupressus into four Thai copper-glazed rectangular, tall pots. The soil is a mix of a bit of the native soil (mostly clay), some compost, some decomposed granite and perlite. It was an experimental mix and seems to be working quite well. The pots are about 18 inches across. The Cupressus started as seedlings and they are now about three feet tall.

Eventually, I will replant them into the soil directly - nothing like this can live forever in a pot. I have tons of space, so finding new homes for them will not be a problem!

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