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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Propagation Space

Propagating native plants is a great learning experience. It is also something that I am not very adept at. Connie Mack is one key resource - she runs the Propagation Committee for the San Diego Chapter. She is so knowledgeable - no matter how many times I hear her present, I want more!

The first problem I've always had with propagating is: finding the space to do it in anything other than a casual, luckless way. The second things is: consistency.

Since I am on the go a lot, I don't always manage to take care of my small, easily damaged cuttings.

So, a solution like this greenhouse would make things a lot easier.

This one, in particular, has some benefits that home-made and other solutions can't provide easily.

It is a totally self-contained, self-tending greenhouse that requires no additional power supply to maintain temperature and watering systems. This is great for households like mine where there isn't a gardener home all the time.

The automatic ventilation is controlled by a thermostat. One side of roof lifts off the frame, drawing the cooler air in, while hot air escapes through the roof peak.

They control this with one 12v battery and a solar charger. Isn't that great! Even, controlled ventilation is crucial to keeping the cuttings and seedlings moist but not soaked.

That was always my biggest challenge: the constant, daily adjustments to ventilation and moisture.

Now, back to challenge #1 - where could I put this?

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