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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Field Guides - NEW!

This is soooo cool. From the CNPS announcement:

Take nature journaling to the next level by compiling drawings and written observations of plants and or animals into a field guide to a local habitat such as parks, open space, gardens, creeks, or school grounds. You can then scan and post your field guide on our new website to share with other field guide makers. You will be able to compare field guides and habitats of other places.

People have downloaded the CNPS curriculum, Opening the World through Nature Journaling, all over the world and we are hoping that we will receive field guides worldwide! You may also print your field guide and share it with others in your school and community. These guides have the potential to become a teaching tool that builds momentum over a period of years.

There is a Google map that will show the locations of all the field guides posted (this is a brand new program and we have just two field guides posted at the moment but they are both wonderful). There are instructions in the 2nd Edition of Opening the World through Nature Journaling and on the website.

This is a great way to start journaling about your own garden, too. The "field" may be your own! I do small pencil sketches, watercolors and line drawings to record fun stuff in my garden - not very professional level but I sure enjoy looking back on them, in the evenings when I can't be gardening. 

Try it!

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