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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yikes! The "eats anything beetle"

Carrie Schneider sent out this warning:


This should probably be of concern to all of us.  Please keep your eyes peeled, and try to avoid moving dead wood from one site to another in order to stop the spread of this new little invasive beetle, where you can. 
Feel free to forward and promote to others and local listserves as you see fit.
Clare Billett
Environmental Biologist // City of SD, P&R Dept, Open Space Division, Brush Mgmt // 619.685.1302 // Cell 619.980.8196

This beetle is the size of a sesame seed and has been spotted in Coast Live Oaks, as well as Sycamores...please let authorities know if you see evidence of activity in your area. 

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