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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Potted Dudleya

We had a Gardening Committee meeting last night and then a Garden Tour meeting and I was a bit tired to begin with, so I forgot to take pictures at Susan Lewitt's home! Please forgive me. We had fun, as usual.

So I am substituting a picture of one of my quasi-indooor potted Dudleyas. I have a super-sunny dining room area - all louvered windows and 60s Do-It-Yourself look. This old pot was artificially finished to look shabby chic and over time, it has actually become shabbier...glaze has chipped off from over-exposure to the elements. So, I brought it inside - or at least within the glassed in space - and the Dudleya is doing fine. There is no drainage hole at the bottom of this pot, so I really have to stay conscious when I do give it the occasional dribble of water.

I have it tilted slightly so that moisture doesn't collect at its center. And the soil mix is high in perlite. It's been in the pot for a substantial time - over a year or so. I always forget to write down the dates that I pot out plants...

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